The Arianna String Quartet's outreach programs encompass a wide variety of subjects. Topics include interdisciplinary programs linking music with traditional academic areas of study, as well as ideas helpful to appreciating or performing classical music.


The universality of music can be shown through links to social studies, history, mathematics, science, languages, creativity, and teamwork. By pulling apart the tapestry of a musical composition and analyzing the various musical, historical, and creative elements, the ASQ is able to give students insights into a more effective use of their own creative and analytical resources. These presentations are effective for all age levels, and the quartet shapes each presentation to suit the needs of the teacher, curriculum, or audience. The ASQ has implemented its unique interdisciplinary curriculum at every academic level, from kindergarten through high school, as well as at the collegiate level.


The Arianna String Quartet's presentations to young musicians help students achieve a higher standard immediately by demonstrating the value of using their imaginations more creatively and effectively. We also show how relating the music they are playing to their other studies and their life experience will achieve a more meaningful performance.


In a four-year residency at Eastern Michigan University (1996-2000), the Arianna String Quartet performed over 350 community outreach concerts and demonstrations for more than 25,000 people in southeast Michigan. Since their appointment in 2000 as Associate Professors and Quartet-in-Residence at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Arianna Quartet has focused its educational outreach work in Missouri and the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, and has given over 300 outreach performances for students of all ages.


The Arianna Quartet’s thoughtful and casual presentations bring the timeless vitality of string quartet playing to young musicians, public school students, and general audiences. Steeped in the belief that today's youth is tomorrow's audience, the Arianna String Quartet's work with students of all ages is a central component of their mission.