The Arianna String Quartet’s Outreach Programs bring the timeless vitality of string quartet playing to audiences of all ages and in a wide variety of settings and contexts, nurturing interest in classical music through engaging insights, activities, and programs.


  Programs include:

  •  Family Concerts

  •  Interdisciplinary Presentations

  •  Programs for Businesses

  •  Pre-Concert Talks

  •  Programs for Young Musicians

  •  Deep Dives for More Experienced Audiences


The Arianna Quartet’s Family Concerts engage children and adults alike in one-hour presentations, demonstrating how the composers use basic elements of sound to conjure vast realms of the imagination. These popular and entertaining presentations bring families together in a shared experience, and often contain interactive elements that inspire the audience to engage their own creative process in listening imaginatively, drawing, movement, and other activities.


The Arianna Quartet’s Interdisciplinary Presentations encompass a wide variety of subjects, linking classical music with traditional academic areas of study, inevitably leaving the audience with a new appreciation of the elements of sound, communication, composition, and performance. The universality of music is revealed through these unique presentations that illustrate links from music to subjects including philosophy, social studies, history, mathematics, science, languages, creativity, and teamwork. By selectively pulling apart the fabric and texture of a musical composition, the Arianna Quartet is able to give insights into the creative process of composers and performers alike, and demonstrate the possibility of becoming more resourceful and insightful within any chosen subject. The Arianna Quartet has implemented its unique interdisciplinary curriculum at every academic level, including programs designed for elementary and high school students, college students, and adult learners, and shapes each presentation to suit the needs of the collaborating teacher, curriculum, or audience.


An exciting component of the quartet’s outreach work, the quartet offers programs for businesses illustrating teamwork, shared commitment, and what happens without a full and supportive commitment from each member of the team. Giving and receiving criticism and shared leadership are inherent the work of a string quartet, and to do this gracefully and productively is a vital component in the Arianna Quartet’s daily work with one another. Through interesting and compelling analogies that make the working process of a string quartet understandable, the quartet shows how that work relates to the personal and professional pressures and struggles that arise in all kinds of businesses each day, and shares their thoughts on minimizing those stresses that we all face.


In engaging pre-concert talks that have become a cherished hallmark of their concert series in St. Louis, the members of the quartet enjoy sharing information and personal insights, as well as historical, philosophical, and expressive connections that reveal ideas behind the music, enhancing the audience’s concert experience. The Arianna Quartet’s thoughtful presentations take a casual and engaging tone that invites the audience to interact with the music and performers comfortably, and dissolves barriers to the music or performers that audiences sometimes feel with classical music or in a concert hall.


The Arianna String Quartet's presentations for young string musicians help students immediately achieve a higher standard in their listening by showing the value of using their imaginations and other resources more creatively and effectively. Dedicated teachers with years of experience, the members of the quartet enjoy sharing the secrets and tips that they use each day to practice more efficiently and perform more effectively. The quartet also illustrates how referencing other studies, interests, and life experiences will achieve a more meaningful musical connection, and lead to more compelling performances.


In their “First Mondays” Audience Engagement Series, the quartet takes their popular pre-concert talks to a deeper level, often creating an evening of conversation with the audience around a single work or composer, discussing fascinating elements of creativity and expression present in the music, and revealing ways that the decisions made by performers can bring these compelling expressions to life. These audience enrichment activities, delivered in a casual format, engage new listeners in the wonderful expressions and adventures of classical music, and help more experienced audience members to feel closer to the music that they already love.


Steeped in the mission of youth education and audience development, the Arianna String Quartet’s Outreach Programs are a central component to the quartet’s mission, goals, and fulfillment. For more information, or to discuss or schedule an event, please contact the quartet at: